American Sign Language

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Denver, we have arrived!

Whether you want to communicate with your pre-verbal baby, assist a developmentally delayed child in expressing themselves, give an ailing senior a way to tell you their needs, or just want your family to learn a fun second language, we at Shooting Star Signers want to give you the tools to communicate through American Sign Language.


New State, New City, New Classes and a New Baby!

Shooting Star Signers recently relocated to the Denver area of Colorado, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Baby #2 has arrived, and I am itching to teach again! I am starting off slow, but plan on expanding and growing as fast as you guys want me to. I will still take on homeschoolers, private lessons, semi-private and playgroups.  I will also be posting fun and free activities and commentary on my Facebook page.

Baby/Toddler Sign and Play:

When: Thursday March 2nd-Thursday March 23rd 12:30PM Class meets once a week for 45 minutes to 1 hr.

Where: Aurora CO 80017

Price: $75

Why: Join your little one for Signing, Signing, Crafts, Stories and Games.  I will teach you approximately 8-10 themed signs and lead you through a series of activities to reinforce those signs and give you tips and pointers for having fun with Sign at home!

Enroll:  Please email me at S@ShootingStarSigners to enroll

Private Lessons

Please email or call for availability.

Other Options

For those who don’t want to learn alone, but can’t make my class offerings, I can hold semi-private lessons just for you, and those who you chose to join you.  This is a great way to earn FREE sign language lessons!  If you want to host classes, and get 5 other paying students, I will give you your lessons for FREE.

Just like my semi-private lessons, I love teaching private play groups.  You can choose who you want your child to learn and play with, and I will bring a fun and musical, multi-sensory Sign and Play Class right to you. Host the class, have 5 other families join the fun, and get your classes for FREE

If your family loves Shooting Star Signers so much that you just can’t have a celebration with out signing, I am available for entertainment and parties as well.  I also Key-note speak for groups and provide intensive seminars. These are NOT geared to a child’s learning style.

Americal Sign Language

If you own a local business and are interested in hosting classes at your location, please contact me to discuss details.

If you are a Daycare or Early Education facility that would like to learn about incorporating ASL into your curriculum, I would love to provide in-service training, provide the curriculum and train your staff on implementation!

Private lessons are also always available, just contact me for further information.