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Watch a FREE episode of Treeschoolers, and be entered to win an iPad? Yes Please!

Watch a FREE episode of Treeschoolers, and be entered to win an iPad? Yes Please!

That is right.  You can enter to win a free Ipad and watch a free episode of “Rachel and the Treeschoolers”.

The first 6 episodes of “Rachel and the Treeschoolers” has been funded and brought to life thanks AMAZING Signing Time fans, who wanted more educational television for children.  If you missed the first Kickstarter Campaign, and don’t know what “Treeschoolers” is, here is a quick explanation from Rachel, herself.

STILL too educational for television? You know it! Smart TV is what we do best. Brought to you by YOU & the creators of Signing Time!

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers: A PhD backed preschool show in 12 (or more!) musical episodes.

Finally a show that’s as smart and fun as your kids!

In 2013 Kickstarter Backers like you made Rachel & the TreeSchoolers episodes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 a reality. You did it before, let’s do it again!

“We are proud to produce smart media for smart kids. Together we create a better, smarter choice for children.” ~ Rachel Coleman

Why is “Treeschoolers” different?

Children’s Television OR Commercials for Toys? Children’s TV:

Light on education, heavy on advertising. Typically, selling trumps teaching.

  • FACT – Only 1 in 8 kid’s educational programs meet high quality standards (1)
  • FACT – Only 1 in 4 were classified as minimally educational (2)
  • FACT – Advertisers spend $12 billion a year on ads targeting children (3)

TreeSchoolers – Too Educational for TV?
TV executives have told us that Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is just too educational for television. We are proud of that!
     We will not dumb down our programs!

Be Part of the SOLUTION!
Take a stand
 for putting children’s minds above merchandise! Stand with us in creatingfun, educationally rich media that makes a difference!

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers – Highlights

  • Preschool curriculum in 12+ episodes with supporting materials
  • Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman
  • Educational framework developed by Dr. Emily Swan – PhD in educational psychology and reading
  • Teaches children HOW to learn (CORI method)
  • Uses whole body learning
  • Teaches emotional intelligence
  • Maximum education – maximum entertainment
  • Music, music, music!

Why Use ASL (American Sign Language)?

  • Engages children’s bodies and attention
  • Helps with memorization
  • A real second-language used by millions of people
  • Hands on – tactile & kinesthetic
  • Kids love it!

Teaches Kids HOW to Learn: CORI MethodCreate, develop, and maintain the joy of learning.

Layered Learning

  • Teaching multiple concepts simultaneously – like learning about weather, rhyming, and emotional intelligence all at once.
  • Delivers a substantial amount of curriculum in 30 minutes.

So, about that iPad and Free episode, right?  Well to get the word out about how wonderful “Rachel and the Treeschoolers” is, and to raise the money for episodes 7-12, Two Little Hands Productions is letting you see exactly what they are asking you to fund.  Just follow THIS LINK to enter the iPad giveaway.  While you are there, click on over to the Kickstarter page, where the link to watch “A Rainy Day”, the very first episode of “Rachel and the Treeschoolers”

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New Summer Fun!

New Summer Fun!

I am so excited to announce that I am adding new class offerings to my schedule.  As always, I will be offering my Award Winning Parent and Me Baby/Toddler Sign and Play Classes. In this class we learn how to communicate with our little ones through Sign, music and sensory play.  This goes way beyond just sign and becomes a very supportive group of parents, all sharing and learning about what it means to be a mom or dad.  We learn food signs, signs for the pets we love, our nice words (please and thank you), and so much more!

To this I am adding a Pre-K/Kindergarten Signing Adventure Class!  What is this you may ask?  This is a full body learning experience, where your child will learn about the world around them through movement, play, music, and of course SIGN!  We will  learn about thunder, all while dancing to a rain dance, and learning our weather signs.  We will have a blast going outside and discovering Incredible Insects and different Signs about the nature all around us.  We will have a bast acting like animals while we learn about or friends in the zoo, and even play in the dirt learning all about plants and Signs for all the green we see in our world.

I would love to incorporate this and so much more into a Signing Summer Camp.  The main focus will be to have fun,all the while learning a fun and new way to communicate.  This Summer Camp will be geared to elementary school aged children.  We will play games, Sign to music, a few crafts, and have a blast.

Being such a small business (just me!), I really need those of you who are passionate and learning and language as I am to help me spread the word.  It takes A LOT of hard work and effort for me to make these classes amazing,  and as much as I would like to, I really can’t hold these classes for just one or two students (it is more fun with friends too).  Please help me to spread the joy of Signing as far as I can, by letting anyone who can benefit about my offerings.

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More Blogs to Come about Sign Language and Natural Parenting and Health

I have been neglecting this blog as of late.  I don’t mean to, I have just been so very busy teaching, preforming Signing Story Times at local Libraries, preparing classes for the local Child Development Center, raising my daughter, and reading great blogs.

I have been really inspired by some really great natural parenting/natural living blogs lately.  They have inspired me to eat cleaner, yell less, love more, and try to eliminate as many chemicals from my life as possible.  My sister has been watching this transformation in my home and mentioned that it may be fun for me to document this journey.  I personally don’t think my life is all that interesting, but if I am gaining inspiration from others, maybe someone can become inspired by little ol’ me.

If you do find inspiration, joy, or hate my new blog posts, please comment and let me know.  I love hearing from you guys and the more you share my writings, the more this community can grow.

I am going to try to write about my journey into no longer shampooing my hair tonight after my final Sign Language class for the day (which is a fun Halloween themed class, with some sweet treats, silly costumes, and even an ASL themed “Horror” movie!).

Thank you for reading and Signing with me!

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