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New Summer Fun!

New Summer Fun!

I am so excited to announce that I am adding new class offerings to my schedule.  As always, I will be offering my Award Winning Parent and Me Baby/Toddler Sign and Play Classes. In this class we learn how to communicate with our little ones through Sign, music and sensory play.  This goes way beyond just sign and becomes a very supportive group of parents, all sharing and learning about what it means to be a mom or dad.  We learn food signs, signs for the pets we love, our nice words (please and thank you), and so much more!

To this I am adding a Pre-K/Kindergarten Signing Adventure Class!  What is this you may ask?  This is a full body learning experience, where your child will learn about the world around them through movement, play, music, and of course SIGN!  We will  learn about thunder, all while dancing to a rain dance, and learning our weather signs.  We will have a blast going outside and discovering Incredible Insects and different Signs about the nature all around us.  We will have a bast acting like animals while we learn about or friends in the zoo, and even play in the dirt learning all about plants and Signs for all the green we see in our world.

I would love to incorporate this and so much more into a Signing Summer Camp.  The main focus will be to have fun,all the while learning a fun and new way to communicate.  This Summer Camp will be geared to elementary school aged children.  We will play games, Sign to music, a few crafts, and have a blast.

Being such a small business (just me!), I really need those of you who are passionate and learning and language as I am to help me spread the word.  It takes A LOT of hard work and effort for me to make these classes amazing,  and as much as I would like to, I really can’t hold these classes for just one or two students (it is more fun with friends too).  Please help me to spread the joy of Signing as far as I can, by letting anyone who can benefit about my offerings.

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